The Holy Spirit Our Partner

Developing intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Most of us would say we want to live a victorious Christian life. But without daily communion with the Holy Spirit it is impossible to attain that goal. Communion with the spirit is the launching pad for a life of power and consistency. In 2 Cor. 13:14 Paul says, and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all. Amen.

I want you to understand that the word communion is the Greek work "koinonia" which means partnership. The Holy Spirit wants to be your life partner; He wants to take responsibility for you in this life. He is yearning to partner with you in your business, your marriage, your personal life, and your day to day decisions. How would it feel to have Bill Gates, the world's richest man by your side in your daily walk? It would be a life free of financial worries! The Holy Spirit is better, wiser, and richer than Bill Gates and He wants to be your partner in your daily walk in life.

This is why Jesus said it was better for him to go away. The word “better" was to show us that a daily walk with the Holy Spirit would be a more fulfilling experience than having Jesus himself by our side. What a blessing!

I want you to embark on a journey of communion with the Holy Spirit. Communion can be explained in seven simple ways. It means presence, fellowship, sharing together, participation with, intimacy, friendship and comradeship. To commune with the Holy Spirit therefore includes making a conscious effort to depend on his help, ask for his thoughts, to share your intimate thoughts and decisions, spend time with Him. Smith Wigglesworth said he never got out of bed without communion with the Holy Spirit.

It seems the Christians in the early church understood the need to commune with the Holy Spirit after Jesus was taken from them. All they had was the Holy Spirit. There were so many instances in the Bible where the spirit spoke to them. The spirit spoke to Paul not to speak in certain places. He spoke to Philip not to join himself to a chariot.

Henceforth, begin a new life of utter devotion to commune with the Holy Spirit.